Raspberries In Winter

Well my 365 is now long over but I am continuing blogging over at my new blog Raspberries In Winter, check it out!

day three hundred and sixty-five

Wow. "The Final Year" has finally come to an end. This year was insane with lots of disapointments and awesome times. I am really glad that it's over now. I do not want to experience year 12 again that's for sure. So I guess that's it for this project, this blog. Be sure to check out my new blog though: www.raspberriesinwinter.blogspot.com.

day three hundred and sixty-four

We went to Akaroa today, which is amazing whether you look at it from the sky or from the ground.

day three hundred and sixty-three

We explored some of the surrounding areas around Christchurch today and even experienced some aftershocks!


day three hundred and sixty-two

We're off on our trip to New Zealand today. I didn't sit next to the window so no photos of that but this is from the museum in Christchurch we went to the next day.


day three hundred and sixty-one

So... I cheated. But I spent today packing and getting ready for our trip tomorrow, so I was too busy to take a shot of my half-packed suitcase. This is in New Zealand, near Christchurch.


day three hundred and sixty

I stayed at my cousin's place last night, which was... okay. I read a Jodi Picoult book and went to sleep listening to Liz make popping noises with her mouth. I took this at home. I'm going to miss our tree when we take it down tomorrow. Happy Boxing Day.