day two hundred and thirty-five

I took this on Saturday at the cute cafe in Woodend. I want to go back there.


day two hundred and thirty-four

Mum and I went to LaTrobe Uni to have a look around at their open day and ended up... hating it. There was so much concrete! Everyone was in a pretty bad mood for the four-hour trip home too so the day kind of sucked.

day two hundred and thirty-three

We travelled to Bendigo to visit my cousins this weekend. They have a really nice backyard and I really want their hammock. It's so comfy.


day two hundred and thirty-two

Year 12 jumpers arrived today. I like them, or at least I'm warming up to them. But still, they're not so bad. (BTW, I don't wear jeans to school, we have kilts and blazers and ties and a whole lot of dressing to do in the morning.)

day two hundred and thirty-one

I like to sleep in my pink bed. My big maths SAC today turned out to be not so bad.


day two hundred and thirty

Another one from the coming weekend. Man, I'm lazy this week, mostly because of my various illnesses (infections and procrastination disease). This is my cousin's cat, Tilly. The most patient cat I have ever seen. If you had seen her put up with my young cousins you would think so too.

day two hundred and twenty-nine

We made rocky-road ice-cream which is too sweet for everyone apparently but me!

day two hundred and twenty-eight

This is from the coming weekend (I'm lazy). It's at this awesome little cafe in Woodend. The whole place was gorgeous, really. Odd fact: I don't like coffee.

day two hundred and twenty-seven

My sewing machine has been getting a work out this weekend. I made myself this skirt (which is slightly too big). I love the fabric and some left over so I'm going to be trying to make something out of that. It has an obi-belt which is cool too.

day two hundred and twenty-six

Mum and I travelled to Sale today for lunch and some shopping. I had the yummiest orange there. It was some kind of sorbet thing but it tasted so good! I bought a scarf but that was all really. My scarf collection is growing so large I am going to need some more hooks soon.

day two hundred and twenty-five

Fridays are boring. This was in the card shop a couple of towns over. I wanted the purple teddy-bear next to this but i wasn't exactly willing to fork out $100 for a bear. Even if it was purple.

day two hundred and twenty-four

I love my new Spring dress. Of course, it is far too cold to wear it at the moment which is a drag but what can you do? This is definately going on my To-Bring-to-New-Zealand list.

day two hundred and twenty-three

I went to school today after only going one day out of about eight. I really do hate being sick.


day two hundred and twenty-two

Home sick... again. I like my hair in plaits but it only really looks good when my hair is straight. When it's curly, not so good.

day two hundred and twenty-one

So I took this yesterday. But it looked so mesmorising that I felt like I just had to include it. There was a casual clothes day at school, only the year twelves attended and it was good.

day two hundred and twenty

We have this big flower climber thing out the back which attracts a LOT of bees. I made sure I had the long lenses on for this one.

day two hundred and nineteen

After my lesson today I just HAD to make something and Mum suggesting making her a bag for plastic bags. It was so easy and the perfect tester for my gorgeous machine.

day two hundred and eighteen

I finally used my new sewing machiene today in between feeling sick and watching tv. I just did a test run because I couldn't even wait till my lesson tomorrow and it is so EASY. Unbelievebly easy compared to our last sewing machine. I love it.

day two hundred and seventeen

I was sick so this is from another day. I did nothing today but watch Grey's Anatomy and eat mandarin jellies (which happen to be the most awesome thing ever, or at least this week).


day two hundred and sixteen

Melissa bought this gorgeous vintage necklace for me for my birthday. I love it, expecially the colour. Aqua like this can be so pretty. Home sick again today. Big fun.

day two hundred and fifteen

I went home sick today. New ugg boots help ease the pain.


day two hundred and fourteen

Boredness. Taken yesterday. Ignoring homework. Again.


day two hundred and thirteen

This is a very out-of-focus bad and cheesy shot that I took to send to our adopted Italian sister, Giulia. Thus the cheesy-ness.