day two hundred and twelve

It was my eighteenth birthday party tonight. I had a great time and was so spoilt (again). I have such great friends.

day two hundred and eleven

I actually took this on the 31st but I have a better picture for that day and I didn't take any pictures today. I didn't feel like it. Instead I was lazy and watched Grey's Anatomy and Sea Patrol all night.


day two hundred and ten

Tonight I went shopping with Mel and her Italian exchange student, Sara. Also another Italian student, Silvio. We listened to Silvio play the guitar (very well) in the music shop then Sara, Mel and I went out to dinner. Had a great night.

day two hundred and nine

My mum's friend Elaine was so nice giving me this giant jar of lollies. I am still milking up all the birthday-ness.


day two hundred and eight

Happy 18th Birthday to me! I was so spoilt today and had such a wonderful birthday. Mum and Dad not only bought me my ring (which I had picked out a few months ago) but my very own sewing machine! Grandma came today on the train which is great. And I had that famed glass of champagne when we went out to Indian for dinner. Such a great day.

day two hundred and seven

I can legally drink alcohol in one day. I plan on celebrating my birthday with a glass of champagne.

day two hundred and six

Boring picture of food today as nothing much happened. Except of course I was really excited for my birthday coming up.


day two hundred and five

We went couch shopping today which is really code for all of us bickering (all in good fun) and then Mum, Liz and I ganging up on Dad. I found the best place for taking photos today. It's totally secluded which means I don't have randoms staring at me while I run back and forwards trying to beat the self timer.

day one hundred and four

Today I was supposed to go with Mel to pick up our Italian visitors from the airport but my head was pounding like someone was running it over with a frieght train over and over again and panadol was just not working so I didn't go. So there goes my photo idea for the day. Luckily I took so many photos the next day I can just use one of those.


day two hundred and three

I know that this is untolerably blurry but I like it nonetheless.

day two hundred and two

Liz looks cool sometimes. Mostly when she's wearing those crazy furry jumpers she has. This has gone funny now that I've uploaded it for some reason. I have no idea if it's just my computer because it looks fine everywhere else. Oh well.

day two hundred and one

Lunch-time awesomness. Basically we just sit there and talk about stuff until half-bell when Fi just has to to the toliet or she'll die. Or just wet her pants.

day two hundred

The big 2-0-0. Wow. Only 165 days left for the year. I like to make annoyed faces when someone else touches my camera.

day one hundred and ninety-nine

I made my birthday invitations today. Appropriate since it is the 18th today and I am turning 18 soon.

day one hundred and ninety-eight

Mum and I have been watching Grey's Anatomy this weekend and I've decided that if all doctors are like Cristina, I never want to set foot in a hospital.

day one hundred and ninety-seven

Jack Frost was busy this morning. There was expedential amounts of frost everywhere today. Makes for a creepy looking photo though.

day one hundred and ninety-six

Piano Piano Piano. This years marks my tenth year playing the impressive instrument. I love it.

day one hundred and ninety-five

My Aunty Robyn had this tag on my Christmas present last year. She always has the coolest presents. Last year it was a fishermans cap and a swishy trench coat. I plan on visiting her after school finishes.

day one hundred and ninety-four

I bought this necklace at the chemist of all places. It's great, my own little silver bird in a cage.


day one hundred and ninety-three

Last day of the holidays. Again. It feels like yesterday when I was saying that for the last holidays. This is the last full term too. Scary.

day one hundred and ninety-two

My creepy Harry Potter charm is supposedly meant to make me do better in my studies so he hangs out on my desk. I can only hope that he helps on August 2nd, when exam results come out.


day one hundred and ninety-one

So when I said it was Fiona's birthday. It was actually just her birthday party. Her actual birthday is today. So HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY FI! Homework day today. Only three days of the holidays left.

day one hundred and ninety

Birthday party time tonight! It was Fiona's birthday and we went to the movies to see Toy Story 3. I thought I was going to cry towards the end. Great film. Mel and I hung around afterwards to take stupid pictures and fall off rocks.

day one hundred and eighty-nine

Hmm... I certainly wasn't going to be cooking today as I have spent most of my days cooking for the past three days. So instead I rode down the street to buy birthday presents. And why is it that as soon as I buy the present, leave the shop and turn round the corner the person who the present is for just happens to be standing there?

day one hundred and eighty-eight

BEST. PIE. EVER. And it was made by Liz and I. Apples from Mum's friends garden and raspberries enclosed by a mouthwatering buttery pastery. Pure genius wrapped up in a pie. I want more.

day one hundred and eighty-seven

I bought this awesome necklace from the chemist of all places. I love the little bird sitting on it's perch. I made Osso Buco today for Mum and Dad. Mostly for Dad, who loves stew things like that.

day one hundred and eighty-six

I made lemon tarts today. We have all these bowls of lemons sitting around from a friend's lemon tree and I was bored. So what else can you make with lemons but lemon tarts right?

day one hundred and eighty-five

I drove with Mum up to the power stations (I need the practice). Then it was up to Tyres for a view of the Valley.

day one hundred and eighty-four

Mum and I made chocolate and raspberry brownies today. Delicious. Love that Donna Hay Chocolate recipe book.

day one hundred and eighty-three

Mess in the morning. Which I later cleaned up after doing the usual holiday things. For the first time probably ever I am actually looking forward to Summer. I want to wear my overalls and visit my Aunty and go to New Zealand.

day one hundred and eighty-two

My hair is long! I cut it all off (not literally, I still had hair: it was just up past my shoulders) at the end of year 9 and now half-way through year 12 it's all grown back!

day one hundred and eighty-one

Last day of June. It's going by so fast. This year, I mean. But I'm not going to get sentimental. Today I did... nothing. Big surprise. The whirl-wind that was the last two days has tired me out so it's back to watching TV for today.