day one hundred and thirteen

I was playing with the new editing program that Mum has. I just think that this looked cool.

day one hundred and twelve

Sea Patrol was on tonight. Average day otherwise.

day one hundred and eleven

After our storm yesterday night everything was left soaking wet. But there is a good side: this rainbow outside my window this morning!

day one hundred and ten

There was the most spectacular sky and thunderstorm tonight, the smoke from the burning off near a neighbouring town turned the sky these remarkable colours. Driving home from piano I had the best view of the pink and red lighting erupting through the sky.

day one hundred and nine

I spent most of today taking photos of the Marist Basketball carnival being hosted by my school. It was fun taking photos but basketball is a bit boring to watch and so it proved to be far more fun to wander around the school with Fiona (pictured) and take photos for her Psychology project.

day one hundred and eight

I finished reading my English novel today. I preferred the ending to the rest of the book, even if I did think that it was a tad unrealistic that Anna would end up in India, but then again it was a Year Of Wonders. Cheesy, yes. Mum has made two different vats of soup, minestrone and now pumpkin. I have been knitting my jumper and playing with Penny in the backyard.

day one hundred and seven

We travelled to Inverloch today for a picnic. It was beautiful weather there, lovely and sunny which prompted us to seek shade when eating our sausages in bread. Afterwards we walked along a small beach (not the surf beach) and dipped our feet in the water. There was a beautiful little brown Cocker Spaniel refusing to climb over the rocks and go swimming.

day one hundred and six

My camera and I went for a short bike ride this afternoon in the fading Autumn light. It gets so dark so early now. I went down to one of my favourite spots to which I hadn't been in a while only to find that a new crop of houses were being built there! This little bit of grass is all that's left now, it is right next to a house being built.

day one hundred and five

I had a sort-of mini meltdown today after school, I guess things are just getting on my nerves but it was remedied by the return of Sea Patrol. This is my very own Sea Patrol hat. I was even considering joining the Navy for about a milisecond before I remembered that I strongly dislike going on boats. What can I say? It's that kind of show.

day one hundred and four

I am reading my English novel, Year Of Wonders, which is in no way my favourite book in the world. It is growing on me a little though I think. I helped Liz after school with her maths homework, which was fun.

day one hundred and three

The second day of school wasn't much more interesting than the first. This cup used to be a candle till I burnt it down to basically nothing, but I keep it around because it is so cute.

day one hundred and two

It was so cold today that the lemonade in the mini-fridge froze! There were ice crystals in my cup! It was also the first day back at school after the holidays and I was just exhausted after school, I fell asleep while watching Sabrina.

day one hundred and one

I basically caught up on homework today, it's the last day of the Easter holidays. It was very windy and cold. We ate a lot of cake today too.

day one hundred

One hundred days of photos already! Amazing, really because it is only just April. I went and saw Katherine's new house today. Its nice, but not the sort of thing I would have done. No matter. Afterwards Dad and I went to play golf. I'm getting a lot better at it. And as a bonus I usually hit the ball straight. The sky was so dark that I was sure that it was going to pelt rain on us but it didn't.

day ninety-nine

I did nothing today at all. And was very annoyed by it. Simba is too.


day ninety-eight

Basically I just read Harry Potter today. The last book, because the film is coming in November.

day ninety-seven

Liz took this through the spy hole on Grandma's front door. I love fish-eye. We left Grandma today moving on to the land of Kath & Kim, Fountain Gate. Mum, Liz and I saw Alice In Wonderland before shopping. We loved the film, thought that it was interesting. Liz thought that it lacked certain aspects that make Alice in Wonderland, well, Alice in Wonderland. I bought a coat and a new bag but I wasn't the only one who bought something. We each of us had something to show for our shopping trip.

day ninety-six

I did some homework today and Mum walked down the street no less than three times with aching legs as a prize for it. We went shopping today and I bought myself this new hat.

day ninety-five

For Easter Monday, it was just Mum, Grandma, Liz and I as Dad escaped Sunday afternoon. We went to Anakie today to see the Fairy Park that's there. It was a lot of fun even if a lot of the figurine things were freaky. I loved the castles though, and the views were amazing. It was a lot of fun.

day ninety-four

Easter Sunday today! Liz and I were woken by the not-so-discrete "Easter Bunny" who was delivering our eggs. Mmm... Mum's cousin, Susan, and her family came for lunch. They used to live in England and the kids had the cutest accents. The littlest one (pictured) used to be a model back in England so it was understandable how much he loved the camera. It was a good day for shopping too, in the morning we headed down to the market and picked up a couple of bargains. My favourite was a 1938 Australian penny one a leather chain.

day ninety-three

Just a lazy day today in which Mum and I continued with our knitting (I'm knitting a jumper and Mum is knitting me a vest). These are birds that live near Grandma's house in their cage. Mum and Dad went to visit their friends further up the coast while Liz and I were stuck inside.

day ninety-two

We travelled to my Grandma's today. We stopped at what had to be the worst place and time for us to stop at. It was a cafe/petrol station thing and was so packed with tourists and other travellers it was nauseating. We made it there safely though, narrowly avoiding being sucked into the sea of cars.

day ninety-one

We never end up doing anything funny on April Fools Day. To me, it is just like any other day. I bought Easter eggs for my family today and then had a lazy day (again). Coming home from the shops tonight with Mum there was the most magnificent sunset.