day three hundred and sixty

I stayed at my cousin's place last night, which was... okay. I read a Jodi Picoult book and went to sleep listening to Liz make popping noises with her mouth. I took this at home. I'm going to miss our tree when we take it down tomorrow. Happy Boxing Day.

day three hundred and fifty-nine

Merry Christmas! Christmas morning Liz woke me up at the absurd hour of 6am and we got up and opened our presents. I got a new video camera (maybe I should do a video 365 next year haha) as well as a new desk chair and the Taylor Swift cd, a bag from Liz, chocolates, a calendar, a new book, and money. From my cousins and Dad's family I got money and books. We went up to the city for Christmas at my Uncle's which was okay but in no ways a traditional Christmas I am used to.

day three hundred and fifty-eight

Christmas Eve finally. Mum, Liz and I went to see the Christmas lights around town tonight. It was fun, we sung Christmas carols (badly) and complained about the lack of lights compared to previous years.

day three hundred and fifty-seven

So I made myself one of the jewellery rolls that I made my friends for Christmas, in a much more awesome fabric though. I was fairly busy today trying to tick everything off my list.

day three hundred and fifty-six

Mmm...candy-canes. They have been disappearing off the tree since Mum put them up. These are the last two left. Three days to go!

day three hundred and fifty-five

Liz and I made gingerbread today and decorated them in a Christmas theme. We've been really getting into the Christmas spirit here lately, it's been great. Most of our gingerbread was flowers and love hearts but I cut out two Christmas trees, one for Liz and one for me.

day three hundred and fifty-four

Bokeh always looks amazing around christmas time so here is my bokeh Christmas tree.

day three hundred and fifty-three

Peaches are back in season and you know they're really fresh when even the leaves are perfect. It was yum too.


day three hundred and fifty-two

Look! Presents! (And my scrapbooking box?). I was watching Mean Girls when I took this because it's the closest thing to a Christmas movie we have.

day three hundred and fifty-one

Focus is so cool sometimes. From the shoot with Liz.


day three hundred and fifty

I went out to lunch with Mel, Jess and Fi after spending the morning at Mum's work. We went to an Italian place and had pasta and swapped pressies. Afterwards we watched Just Like Heaven at my house. It was a good day.

day three hundred and forty-nine

Liz and I went for a bike ride down the hill for a photoshoot this morning. I got some good shots, though Liz isn't the most willing model. She was scared of snakes and jumped around a lot.


day three hundred and forty-eight

I went for my drivers test today and... failed. Miserably. Well, maybe not misberably but I sure felt lousy. Now I'll just have to go for it again. I have been sewing these jewellery rolls as Christmas presents for my friends.


day three hundred and forty-seven

Christmas cheer is spreading, and presents are appearing under the tree! I got my VCE results back today. I did well, though perhaps not quite as well as I was hoping.


day three hundred and forty-six

This was my face for just about all the exams, now I have it on because I have no idea what to get anyone for Christmas.


day three hundred and forty-five

A shot of Liz from our photoshoot. It was a good photoshoot, that's why I am using more than one photo from it and, oh yeah, I didn't take a photo today.


day three hundred and forty-four

I love to use "sports mode" on my camera to capture Pen because she moves so fast and it's when I put it on this mode that I get awesome shots like this.


day three hundred and forty-three

I made this Christmas card as part of a Christmas card swap. This card is going over to America and I am rather proud of it.


day three hundred and forty-two

Liz and I made Christmas ice-cream today which is our summer version of a plum pudding since most of the time it is far too hot on Christmas day to eat pudding. This year was the first year Liz and I made it ourselves and we made a gigantic mess. (We also licked the plates clean).


day three hundred and forty-one

My sister had her Year 9 formal tonight. On a sadder note, my neighbour passed away today and I had to talk to the police in my pj's.

day three hundred and forty

Mondays now involve dancing around to christmas music, shopping, sewing and reading. It rocks.


day three hundred and thirty-nine

Liz in my room, we are having fun lately since she got off from school.


day three hundred and thirty-eight

I hurt my knee at Grandma's on some kid bikes of all things, which prompted Grandma to say that I will break my leg if I do anything else childish. So of course just like a child I am showing off my scab and band-aid mark.


day three hundred and thirty-seven

My toy lion is an awfully vain creature, I often find him staring at himself in the mirror. We are having fun this week.


day three hundred and thirty-six

I decorated the Christmas tree today. All by myself for the first time ever. It was fun, I put on my Hilary Duff Christmas album and decorated everything just how I like it.


day three hundred and thirty-five

Only thirty days left. One month is going to go very quickly. We left today, intially we were going to go on the train but Mel was sick and made her mum come and get us. I was just grateful that I didn't have to go on the train, I hate trains.


day three hundred and thirty-four

Mel and I went to Torquay today, which was kind of boring. I bought a hat though, but I won't be able to wear it till winter. It's going to be far too hot soon for beanies. Grandma took Mel and I out for dinner to the golf course which is always crawling with kangaroos.


day three hundred and thirty-three

Mel and I hung around town today, we went shopping and to the beach. It was pretty cold though. I wore jeans all day except for when we went to the beach. We also went swimming (not in the ocean, a heated pool).


day three hundred and thirty-two

Mum, Mel and I travelled to Anglesea today for our 'fake' schoolies. (We're not big partiers). We're staying with my grandma and today she took us to see the lighthouse from Round the Twist. It was fun climbing up the lighthouse while singing the theme song.

day three hundred and thirty-one

The fairy lights in Liz's room look so cool I had to take a grand shot.


day three hundred and thirty

Graduation Day! I spent my day helping set up at the hall then when night came we headed off to grad. It was a great night. I had fun taking photos and talking with Liz. The best part though was when I got my 2 awards. It was awesome because I didn't think I was getting anything because I had checked the rosters in the morning and I was complaining to dad a little bit when Ms. A comes up saying "You're supposed to be on stage!". So I rushed up in front of everyone and accepted my Academic Merit and Year 12 English awards. It was so great.

day three hundred and twenty-nine

Dad has been working as a brickie for a friend since he quit his job as a manager and today it poured with rain so he came home and dried his gloves in front of the oven.


day three hundred and twenty-eight

Mum at Graduation, I am using grad pictures because I took so many and I did nothing much this week anyway.


day three hundred and twenty-seven

Sebastian, my graduation puppy. Mum bought him for me as a little graduation present along with a new camera case. I love my mum.


day three hundred and twenty-six

I went into school today to help with the making of the decorations for Graduation this Friday. It was so much fun just hanging out, eating maccas and being creative with Mel, Fi, and Jess.

day three hundred and twenty-five

Group photo from Graduation. Fi and I decorated the photo area. Oh yeah.

day three hundred and twenty-four

Liz put up fairy lights in her room, they look really cool though I couldn't possibly sleep with all that light in the room.

day three hundred and twenty-three

I bought myself a new top today. It's light and breezy, perfect for summer. Maybe I'll wear at Christmas...


day three hundred and twenty-two

Smile Louise! Still in a state of shock and trying to get used to the fact that I have nothing major to worry about at the moment. It's nice.

day three hundred and twenty-one

My kindergarten teacher (who we are still very close to) came by today (while I was in my pj's no less!) to drop off this gorgeous little graduation present. I love it because it came from one of the nicest and compassionate ladies I know.

day three hundred and twenty

Pen in her coat. I my last exam today, Italian, and am now just so glad it is all over. No more high school. Over. Awesome.


day three hundred and nineteen

A photo of Mel from Grad to brighten up a very nervous day I had. My last exam is tomorrow.


day three hundred and eighteen

I made this super-cute coat for Pen today. It's from my new book and she looks simply adorable. I love the look she is giving the camera.


day three hundred and seventeen

My Aunt gave me this lamp as a birthday present ages ago and at first I didn't like it but now it is my favourite lamp.

day three hundred and sixteen

I bought myself a new sewing book and so far it has been great. I plan on making my friend's Christmas presents from it.


day three hundred and fifteen

More of Pen, she is so photogenic.


day three hundred and fourteen

I made my Panda bear from a pattern in the Meet Me At Mikes book I have. My turned out slightly wonky almost. Oh well, even panda's can't be perfect.

day three hundred and thirteen

I love how symmetrical this photo is. Pen is so cute. Not doing much this week, mostly trying to phsyc myself up into doing LOTE study.

day three hundred and twelve

Oops, Mum wiped her hands on her black pants when she had flour on them. It was my duty to document this moment.

day three hundred and eleven

Mum bought me this skirt from Sportsgirl when she was in the city last. I love it.