day two hundred and sixty-one

Dory: I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy. Come on, Squishy Come on, little Squishy. [baby talk, the jellyfish stings her]
Dory: Ow. Bad Squishy, bad Squishy.

I made this today and technically it is a crab but we watched Finding Nemo in RE this week and I love that movie so I am calling it Squishy.

day two hundred and sixty

The last day of term 3 is finally here! Breathe a sigh of relief. Today also marks the very last day I ever have to wear this blasted kilt! Celebrate!

day two hundred and fifty-nine

It was a casual clothes day at school today, which was fun and different. We are raising money for the Marist school in Christchurch as they were affected by the earthquake. It's really nice how the marist schools help each other out. Last year when we had the Black Saturday fires they helped us and now we get to help them.

day two hundred and fifty-eight

I had a silly little Biology prac on today. Why oh why does the last week of term have to be so busy??? This guy was awesome. He goes in here every day and plays for the bird, who will sing along as best she can. It's gorgeous.

day two hundred and fifty-seven

Dolls in the general store at Sovereign Hill. I was at school till five today and had an English SAC.

day two hundred and fifty-six

Church at Sovereign Hill. Mum and Dad pretended that they were getting married again, it was cute. Today is the start of a very long final week of term. It is also the only day I don't have a SAC. We are so close to finishing for ever it is crazy.

day two hundred and fifty-five

I have been eating pretzels lately, they're so yummy at school. This was one weirdly deformed pretzel. In front of the new white wall. So weird not having red in the lounge room.

day two hundred and fifty-four

I actually went out and took photos for the first time in ages. Most of them I didn't like because I looked too stiff. I can be a terrible model when I feel like it. This random girl who goes to my school was walking horses around and staring.

day two hundred and fifty-three

Choo-choo train. Nothing happening and the house smells like paint. This was grandpa's I think.


day two hundred and fifty-two

Bye-bye red lounge room wall. I'll miss you. Dad painted it white as part of Mum and Dad's grand house make-over. Coming up next: new carpet, curtains and a really big clean-up.

day two hundred and fifty-one

Another Sovereign Hill photo. Really, nothing has been happening much except school. People were doing double-takes at me all day. One teacher said to me: "You changed your hair. See, I notice things."

day two hundred and fifty

I got a much-needed haircut today. Can you tell? I will hint you to the difference: I now have a fringe, as opposed to before, when I didn't. It rocks but I am still getting used to it.

day two hundred and forty-nine

NEW SOCKS! I figured that since when I wear socks they are hidden under pants I might as well have the craziest I can find. Like Booth's awesome Paul Frank socks on Bones.

day two hundred and forty-eight

One of the things we brought back from Ballarat was a giant jar of Sovereign Hill's finest raspberry drops. If you haven't tasted them you are sorely missing out. They are so delicious its hard to keep to just one. They make your tongue such a beautiful pink.

day two hundred and forty-seven

I just like this hair picture. My hair worked nicely today in it's up-do.


day two hundred and forty-six

While in Ballarat I bought myself an old-fashioned writing set complete with pen, ink and blotting paper. I used them to write a letter to my Grandma.

day two hundred and forty-five

I found this friendship bracelet when cleaning out my sewing box and have been wearing it every day since. I like orange-coloured things at the moment.


day two hundred and forty-four

I went to the optomertrist today because of (duh) vision problems and for a checkup and she's given me these super-dorky reading glasses to wear for two weeks. The stress of year 12 is getting to me according to her.

day two hundred and forty-three

Another photo (obviously) from Sovereign Hill. The dresses that women used to have to wear look so complicated to put on. It makes me appreaciate the horrid kilt that I have to wear to school every day a little bit more. The dresses though are a lot more beautiful than my kilt (really it's no contest, the dresses win hands down).

day two hundred and forty-two

[Taken on Saturday] This was a figurine in the gift shop at Sovereign Hill. Oh, and that's Mum in the background.

day two hundred and forty-one

We went to the Ballarat Open Day today. It was really nice and we won a prize, which was a bonus. The best part of the day though was just having fun with Mum, Dad and Liz.

day two hundred and forty

Today was the actual day we travelled to Ballarat and to Soverign Hill. It was such a great day despite being rained on a couple of times. This was the teacher in the school and she was so nice, even when displaying her cane, eep!

day two hundred and thirty-nine

Parties are never my thing but I went to an all-right with Mel to farewell our friend Kaitlyn who is moving all the way up to Queensland. It sucks. This is another friend, Cassey, being unphotogenic.

day two hundred and thirty-eight

I finally got some hooks on my wall for all my scarves! I have so many, it was getting crazy. They were all hanging on doorhandles and getting in the way. The downside to this is that I had to put it in the free space on my purple wall.

day two hundred and thirty-seven

Again, from the weekend. This time in the hotel "apartment". It was such a great place to stay in Ballarat.

day two hundred and thirty-six

The classroom at Sovereign Hill. This week was so busy and I took so many awesome photos on the weekend that I am using some of them to make up for the days I've missed.