day thirty

Mum and Dad's anniversary was on Thursday so tonight we all went out for dinner. Beforehand though we stopped off at "Sippers" at Jillian's (which is really just an excuse for them all to get together to plan random trips to the smallest town ever). This is Liz in Jillian's awesome hammock swing thing.

day twenty-nine

Friday is my do-nothing-but-watch-Veronica-Mars-kick-butt day. Fun fun fun. This is Pen's "You're taking another random photo of me" look. Or it could be her "I want a treat" look.

day twenty-eight

Today Liz got hair extensions which it turns out, suit her. I bought Mel's birthday present and walked around the street. This was taken just outside the hair salon. Oh, I also resigned from my terrible job tonight because of Year 12 this year. Yay.

day twenty-seven

It was a me-and-my-sister day today. We watched Sea Patrol practically the entire day and made Nutella ice-creams for lunch. One spoon Nutella, one spoon ice-cream, another spoon Nutella, another spoon ice-cream and so on.

day twenty-six

Happy Australia Day! This one was pretty boring though. Dad had to work and all Mum wanted to do was paint. Mum and I went for a drive out to Traralgon South though where I dorkishly stood on top of a pile of gravel by the side of the road to take this. It was such a pretty sunset and pretty much sums up Australia.

day twenty-five

Finally and with a lot of grumbling I decided that today's photo should be the only thing I really saw today, excluding the TV. I was sick today in the "I just threw up an orange and it looks like pineapple so now I won't be able to eat either for a very long time" kind of way.

day twenty-four

Our grass is so terribly brown at the moment. I worked again today and was practically falling over by the end of it. I simply can't wait till the grass is green again.

day twenty-three

I despise working long hours. It is so tiring. Which is what I did today and will be doing so tomorrow as well. Working. I also watched The Prince & Me which is so very like my favourite royal's story, Princess Mary. I love that she's Australian.

day twenty-two

I love the colours in this photo. It was taken in Ryan's backyard because Mum and I have to feed the rabbits for them while they are away. I played Sims today and watched Jane Eyre which I have discovered that I really really like.

day twenty-one

I didn't take this on the proper day because on the 21st I was at my friend Jason's house for most of the day then I had to work. It was fun. We played piano and went on his computer and stuff. It is hot and Pen really doesn't like it.

day twenty

I love going on bike rides and today I went to one of my favourite places to ride too. There is this huge tree in a paddock near my house where someone has set up a sort-of cubby house. It's not much but it's very picturesque and slightly creepy. This was taken there.

day nineteen

My day today was filled with children. Not literally, by "children" I mean extremely cheesy kids shows on the ABC. My favourites are Lizzie McGuire and Arthur. I feel like a bit of a TV nut lately.

day eighteen

Today I did nothing. That's basically it. The one thing I did was help Mum get her friend's rabbits into their cage. On bad days I call this one Hitler. On good days I call him Roosevelt.

day seventeen

I had to work today. I despise my job severely. I have a pretty good idea why too: it's so boring the dust mites in the wool do more work than I do. Anyways... This is the old post office in my town. There are two but I never go to the new one. I carried my camera around the supermarket with Mum and then took this when we got outside. Also, we got iCarly today and Liz and I have been laughing our butts off all afternoon.

day sixteen

The music from the film, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, is great. I bought two songs from it today. The first film is still my favourite especially when they are playing hide and seek. I bought these books at a great op-shop in Anglesea. They are both by Enid Blyton. The red one is titled, Claudine at St. Clare's, and the green one (first edition) is titled, The Children of Green Meadows. Also, I made that doll. She is my Amelia Jane.

day fifteen

I had to have the swine flu needle today. It didn't hurt all that much and I'm not one to get squeamish over a needle but still I was a bit nervous to start with.

day fourteen

I adore cats and I really wish that I had one (though, I love Penny all the same). This is one of a collection of milk pitchers in my Grandma's home. I love this one because it is a cat.

day thirteen

We went to Airy's Inlet today to visit an art gallery and wander about for a bit. Mum and I went for a walk along the beach at sunset, it was beautiful.

day twelve

I went to my Grandma's house this week and she dragged us along to her Senior Citizens club which actually turned out to be quite interesting. My sister and I took lots of photos because the light was so cool.

day eleven

This was very hard to do. I kept focusing on the wrong places. Liz helped me though. I did very little today. Made a movie about my friends and I (unfinished though) called "Suckumentary" and then I watched NCIS... all day.

day ten reprise

Okay, so I really didn't like the other one and I took this for the front of my Literature folder but then it didn't work. So I am using this one instead of Sam.

day ten

I was thinking about what to do for my photo today this morning at work but then I got sidetracked and couldn't make up my mind then I didn't even like the ones I had actually taken then it got a bit late. So... all I could come up with was my headless doll. Her name is Sam.
BTW, My headless doll says hi.

day nine

The local Saturday craft market was on today and I bought a whole kilo of cherries there (mmm...cherries). I also bought the most beautiful smelling candle - its burning in the hall right now.

day eight

My sister and I went shopping today. The stores were some of the worst I've seen in a long time but I still managed to buy a skirt. So, all in all, it was a pretty good day.

day seven

These past couple of days I have been sleeping in the study because we have people over who have practically taken over my bedroom. It's really cramped in the study now what with all the junk that was already in there plus all of my excess junk.

day six

My mother works out of town and today I went to her work with her. I went mainly because I was bored with home but when I went for a walk, it wasn't really all that different.

day five

Not being a fan of strenuous exercise, bike riding is perfect for me. I like to bring my camera along and put it in my basket. If I had a cat, it would share the bike basket with my camera.

day four

My dog Penny, is quite old. She cannot hear much any more and tends to follow me around the garden. She also likes to sleep, which is what she was doing when I interrupted her.

day three

When I woke up there were fresh roses from the garden on my kitchen table. I like to read the newspaper in the morning, especially the book reviews and real estate section which is ridiculous since I am not even 18 yet.

day two

This little guy sits on my bed upon a velvet cushion. His name is Simba and before you even think it, he is from The Lion King.

day one

My name's Louise and I am beginning my final year of high school in February. To mark this year I am doing what is known to the photography world as a "365". To those who don't know it, a "365" is where you take one photo a day for a whole year. Enjoy.