day one hundred and eighty

My cousin's cat, Tuppence, is absolutely gorgeous. She slept on my bed last night and in the morning I was woken up by the gentle nudging at my face telling me: "It's morning! Food! Time to scratch things!". I wish I had a cat.

day one hundred and seventy-nine

Mum, Liz and I travelled to Melbourne today to see Lisa McCune in Dead Man's Cell Phone. It was great, Lisa is a great actor to see live. Beforehand we went shopping around the city and just had a good time. This is Flinder's Street Station, for those who don't know it.

day one hundred and seventy-eight

We took Pen for a walk around the park today and stumbled across the minature trains who were giving rides. There was this strange dog riding on a green train whose neck looked like it was about to twist right off every time we passed with Pen. It was fun.

day one hundred and seventy-seven

Pen gets really excited before she gets into the car but once she's in she can be a royal pain. She will whine if we speed up above sixty because of course that means we are on the highway and that means the vets or she will get very quiet and make us fret over her.

day one hundred and seventy-six

It's the holiday's again though it seems that just about everywhere else in the world is experiencing Summer while here I am in Winter. I like Winter though.


day one hundred and seventy-five

I, like many other people, love getting mail. Especially mail that contains presents or new purchases! I got the overalls I bought from LuLu Letty today. They're gorgeous and fit perfectly thank goodness. I'm always nervous buying things over the internet, just in case.

day one hundred and seventy-four

Jumping around doing absolutely nothing tonight as I finished off my Unit 3 SAC's today. Because, to be honest, I am sick of mentioning them.

day one hundred and seventy-three

Dad has been working on his boat for a while now. It's looking good. Some one said to be today, "Isn't great not to have SAC's this week?" I just thought I hate you.

day one hundred and seventy-two

Four days left, turns out there's no school on Friday as none of the buses will be running. Started my English SAC today, big fun.

day one hundred and seventy-one

Even though it is oficially winter now, the leaves on the trees are not completely gone. Working on last-minute SAC stuff today which I put off. One week left of school till the holiday's.

day one hundred and seventy

Recovering from camp today. Sniffles and such.

day one hundred and sixty-nine

We went home today. There a mass where we got these cute little badges and then lunch and goodbye. This was my group leader, Jo. She was great, the nicest one I've ever had on one of these things.

day one hundred and sixty-eight

Sam Clear ( caame to speak with us today. I must say: he is crazy. He walked around the world to Unite churches or something but the things that happened, shudder. It was a really interesting story though. There was a bonfire tonight and afterwards Jess and I watched Argentina versus Korea in the soccer. It was fun.

day one hundred and sixty-seven

Off to camp today. I threw a little hissy fit last night not unlike Colin Craven in The Secret Garden because I really really really did not want to go. I thought that it was going to be horrible. How wrong I was. It was great fun. Mel was sick and couldn't come. But Jess and I hung out together, went on the flying fox and just made the most of it. This is from the newpaper fashion parade.

day one hundred and sixty-six

The year 12 photo was this morning, I got to stand next to Mel, which was a bonus as they arrange the positions by height. After that Professoressa whisked us away to Melbourne where we ate lunch at Papa Gino's on Lygon Street (mmm...) and then said our poems at Melbourne Uni. It was fun because all the year 12's stuck together and there wasn't any pressure.

day one hundred and sixty-five

Happy (non) Birthday to the Queen. Not that anyone here does much to celebrate. I was still feeling sick today but Dad took Liz and I (no public holiday for Mum unfortuantly) up to Mount Tassie just for something to do. All there really is up there is some telephone towers and a memorial thing with arrows pointing the way to different towns. It was fun though and afterwards Liz and I played Mario Party on the Wii which I loved.

day one hundred and sixty-four

I've been trying to learn my poem for the Italian poetry competition we have coming up on Tuesday but I've been feeling sick and not much like memorising lines of poetry, especially since they are in another language. My poem is La Bella Addormentata, or Sleeping Beauty. But it's not very happy as the Prince and the Sleeping Beauty never see each other again in the end.

day one hundred and sixty-three

Dad was up early this morning to do his least favourite activity: painting. He hates it. He painted most of our big open plan area and I think it looks so much better. Amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. I went to my friend Breanna's 18th birthday lunch today and to be honest it was awful. Not because the party was a dud or I didn't have anyone to talk to but because I felt dreadful. I could barely talk which didn't make it much fun at all.

day one hundred and sixty-two

I feel absolutely awful. That bad throat from yesterday turned into an ear infection which promoted Mum to call the Doctor and make him meet us at his practice. Poor man. Now I have to take antibiotics and can really only watch TV and sleep. That is why this is all I can manage for today. There is a smurf war... turf war. I love NCIS.

day one hundred and sixty-one

We bought this beautiful fabric a little while ago, I can't remember when, and I plan on making an Obi belt and skirt out of it. The big GAT was on today. 300 and something students all crammed into the hall for three hours of mind-numbingness. I'm just glad it's over because my throat is so sore for some reason.

day one hundred and sixty

Home alone today but no mishaps like on the movie. I watched TV for what feels like the first time in ages. I bought the NCIS Season 6 DVD on Monday but had banned myself from watching it until today. It rained really heavily in the afternoon, which came as a surprise.

day one hundred and fifty-nine

I made a video of myself playing Canon in d after my exam today, but I stuffed it up. Oh well. The Biology exam however I am confident that I did not stuff up. It was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. I was still shaky with nerves though afterwards and beforehand. Kaitlyn and I laughed the whole ten minutes we stood outside the doors from nerves. She couldn't even hold her phone steady as she texted her mum to tell her how it went.

day one hundred and fifty-eight

Mum wants to clean out our library shelves. I kind of like it messy but perhaps I will still like it if it is neat. I've been studying like crazy today for my Biology exam tomorrow.

day one hundred and fifty-seven

Mum made raspberry and white chocolate muffins today. Mmm... feeling a bit like a foodie what with all the cooking going on lately. I liked the bowl, everyone's favourite part of cooking.

day one hundred and fifty-six

I made these savoury muffins today for lunch. It is really a great recipe. They have cubes of cheese in the middle that melt when cooked and are so yummy too eat!

day one hundred and fifty-five

Mum bought this little sparkley fairy house for me on a trip she took to Queensland. I bought the little gnome at the Fairy Park we went to earlier in the year. They go well together. I had to pretend to be the Professoressa's best friend today for my SAC. It was harder than one would think.

day one hundred and fifty-four

I've been doing my knitting a bit more lately, it's coming along well. I'm almost finished the left front now. It won't be long until I'm almost done (if I stick to it that is). Maths SAC today.

day one hundred and fifty-three

I had my Biology SAC today. It was a fun but stressful SAC to be honest. We had to create a flow-chart poster thing and it was a rush to get it finished in the given time period. I did it though, thankfully. Everything was colour-coordinated, which I love.

day one hundred and fifty-two

It's the first day of winter today. I love winter. All of it: the rain, the clothes, the food, the watching TV with a snuggly blanket. Also my birthday is in winter, which makes it all the more appealing. People think I'm crazy when I say that I prefer winter over Summer but you must understand: it gets so hot here in Summer it can be unbearable whereas in winter it is cold but no snow or anything like that. It is nice.

day one hundred and fifty-one

Today is the only day for this week on which I do not have a SAC. I'm beginning to like Mondays. It's the last day of Autumn today.

day one hundred and fifty

Mum made pizza scrolls which I ate while doing Biology study (again). My exam is in less than two weeks, I'm just a bit nervous.

day one hundred and forty-nine

I made jelly yesterday and ate it today, mmm... jelly. Spent my Saturday at school doing Biology again. Big fun.

day one hundred and forty-eight

We stayed home sick today. Simba, and I. Sickness seems to be our thing lately, I don't like it.