I thought that I should give a little shout-out to the very kind people (mostly my sister or me) who may appear in my photos. 

First there is my good friend, Mel, who so far hasn't appeared in any of my 365 photos but is always willing to go trekking on a photo shoot. We travelled to Italy together in 2008 which was when I really started to get into photography. We took photos of everything over there and can't wait to go back. 

 Second there is my younger sister, Liz. She is the sometimes unwilling subject of a lot of my photos but a good one nonetheless. 

Then there is my Dad who appears in very few photos but when he does they always turn out good.

Mum only likes photos of her taken in certain ways. For example, from a height like this one where I was standing on the kitchen bench. 

Fiona is always making the funniest faces in her photos, it's either that or she is very serious in them.

Last of all there are all the photos of me, and there a lot of photos of me.