Hi there,

So first up, thanks for visiting The Final Year, I really appreciate it and secondly about me. My name is Louise, I'm eighteen years old in July and this blog is the photo story of my last year of high school.  

Me, Louise.

I originally thought of this idea long before I had a decent camera or any involvement in sites such as Flickr.  I think that it will give me something to do other than school work this year and there is the added bonus that, of course, it gives me an excuse to go out and take photos every day. 

My street.

Some days I may not be all that bothered to take photos so that about half explains the not-so-good photos that appear sometimes. But I have a good camera (Canon EOS 500D, in case you were wondering) and I think that this project will help me improve on my photographic skills. 

So, once again thanks for visiting and a actually taking the time to read this because really all I am doing here is giving you a small insight into my life.